We gratefully acknowledge Damien & Sarah & staff at Wangaratta Lotto, Reid St, Wangaratta, for the raffle they ran to raise funds for Carevan Wangaratta.

The raffle raised an amazing $300 which has been given to Dan at Your Everyday Gourmet butchers (25 Rowan St, Wangaratta) so that Carevan Wangaratta can purchase meet for cook-ups to feed those in need.

Everyday Gourmet
Selection of Gourmet food produced by Everyday Gourmet and locally sourced condiments

Thank you to both Damien & Sarah & staff at Wangaratta Lotto and Dan & his staff at Your Everyday Gourmet butchers.

Sam Song – NAB Reid St, Wangaratta – RAISING FUNDS

Here is Sam outside the NAB in Reid St, Wangaratta. Say Hi to Sam and drop a donation into his buckets which he is donating to Carevan Wangaratta

From Wednesday to Friday 21st – 23rd February, if you happen to be passing by Reid St near the NAB bank, you may see a cheery individual greeting anyone and everyone passing by, with what is absolutely one of the most unusual marathon preparation plans around.

For a regular athlete, in the days of approaching a marathon race, the aim is to stay as hydrated and rested as possible. This is Sam Song, and he is no regular athlete. He is in fact one, of the most generous and helpful people you will ever meet. In the days before one of his marathons, Sam will be found out on the street, working in the heat, and standing on his feet, raising money for a charity either close to his heart, or important for the local community (or in this case, even both). This year in Wangaratta, Sam is supporting Carevan Wangaratta,  an amazing organisation providing wholesome meals to those in Wangaratta who are in need.

Whilst not based in Wangaratta, Sam is all too familiar with understanding the importance of these groups and charities in assisting those of us less fortunate. Having a past you could write a book about, Sam has endured some difficult times, and is a walking, (and talking), example of how goodwill can assist someone, who can then assist someone else.

Sam spends his spare time, coaching kids sport, staffing soup kitchens, running marathons for charity and doing odd jobs at his local church community in St Kilda in Melbourne.

Every cent collected by Sam will be donated to Carevan Wangaratta, so please, if you see Sam down the street, give him a friendly wave back, drop some coins in his bucket if you have some, and wish him well on his run on Sunday!

Wangaratta Marathon & Fun Runs – 25 Feb 2018

The Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs will be on again, starting and finishing at the Wangaratta Showgrounds.

As always, there will be marathon and half marathon courses. The beautiful tree-lined courses will again be adjacent to rivers and creeks. Prize money will be included for the half marathon. The ten kilometre, five kilometre and two kilometre courses will also include some beautiful unsealed river sections and reduce any likelihood of congestion.

More detailed information can be found on the operator website and Facebook page.

Please click on one of the links to the website for more details such as Entry Fees etc.


Garry Nash and Co. Real Estate Wangaratta

 The Wangaratta Marathon and Fun Runs is bought to you by Justin and Sharon Scholz of Wangaratta Fitness Fun Addicts.

The event motto says it all – “More people moving more often”.

Entry prices for this event are much less than their counterparts and we take pride in that. We arent looking for big profits, but we are unashamedly looking to draw people to Wangaratta to enjoy the beautiful path networks and environmental surrounds of our thriving rural city.

We secretly hope that we can encourage people to engage more in physical happiness and become more active than they were before joining our event.

We measure success on entry numbers, total distance covered by entrants and return entries in future years.

Please join us this year and please continue to move more often, enjoying this event on the fourth Sunday in February for many years to come!