AETS STUDENTS – “Project With Purpose”

I met with the students who are completing a course with AETS. This was a wonderful group of energetic and enthusiastic students who are excited and committed to raising awareness and funds for Carevan Wangaratta & The Salvation Army.

In talking with these students, it was clear their passion for making a difference in the community. To raising awareness of those struggling in our community.

Mentored by Gav Rowell, they have created Business Models, Marketing Plans, Met with Community Members and Business’ and are working professionally towards their goal of helping us and The Salvation Army.

The group consists of Magenta, Daniel, Bethany, Jack & Jacob.

MORE TO COME on this amazing group of young inspirational adults.

Daniel, Magenta and Bethany mulling out ideas. (absent Janck & Jacob)


Continued Compassion from Alpine Truss

Carevan Wangaratta recently received a gracious contribution from George Prothero on behalf of Alpine Truss.

George, a long-time supporter of Carevan, has once again shown his compassion by donating $12,000 to help with the day to day running of the van.

Carevan Wangaratta provides meals to the community three nights a week, at three different locations. There regular clientele includes the underprivileged, the homeless and the lower socio-economic families of Wangaratta and surrounding district. With no ongoing government funding the day to day running of the service is reliant on donations like that of Alpine Truss.

Michelle Kennedy, Carevan president said ‘we are humbled by the donation from George, contributions like his are vital to our sustainability’.

George Prothero presenting cheque to Carevan President Michelle Kennedy and Carevan Treasurer Ross Johnsto


We are very grateful to the Wangaratta Library for organising an appeal for the donation of blankets to Carevan Wangaratta.

Sit, Knit, & Crochet Club, who meet every Thursday  (2-5 pm Wangaratta Library) have been knitting wool donated into Blankets, Scarves, Hats, Gloves, Baby Sets, and Socks since September 2017 for the Appeal.

Year 12 students from Galen School, Wangaratta, also took on making a blanket as a project. The students were taught how to knot and put the blanket together.

There were over 120 blankets donated, along with the other items …… we will enjoy passing on these beautiful and lovingly made blankets, and other items, to those in the community in need of that extra bit of warmth and comfort this winter.