Our Programs

Carevan Wangaratta is committed to helping our community and is focused on building links in our community to provide wholesome meals for those in need.

Carevan Wangaratta has established some fantastic partnerships with local businesses and schools who support and supply the Carevan with wholesome food to serve three nights a week. Some of our partners are:

The Centre, Chisholm St:
The Centre, Chisholm St, offers the use of their industrial kitchen for use by Inner Wheel and Carevan Wangaratta for preperation and cooking of meals. VCAL students also offer their time to provide cook up’s under the guidance of Patti Stafford from Inner Wheel.

Inner Wheel, Wangaratta:
The cooking program for Carevan Wangaratta is headed up by Patti Stafford from the local services group Inner Wheel Australia. It is held at The Centre, Chisolm St. Patti and her numerous volunteers do a cook-up every month or so on behalf of Carevan Wangaratta. This includes the preparation of wholesome meals from the many donations received, which includes both non- perishable and perishable food ingredients. The nutritious meals are cooked, labelled and snap frozen so they are fresh and ready when the Carevan goes out to the clients.

Carevan Wangaratta has a wide range of support in the community from various schools, businesses and individuals who have all donated and provided support in many ways.