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29 Nov

On Sunday, 25th Nov, the Inner Wheel Volunteers, led by the formidable Patti Stafford, cooked for Carevan Wangaratta for the last time in 2018.

This group of Volunteers are invaluable to the success of Carevan Wangaratta, providing the service of cooking and packaging meals that are used to feed the community, any who are in need of a wholesome, home-cooked meal.

Fresh produce, Patti’s recipes, lots of laughter and fun are combined by these marvelous volunteers to provide a needed service to the community. It cannot be understated enough the impact this kindness of giving their time and energy and commitment has to the wider community.

Carevan Wangaratta are deeply thankful, have great gratitude and appreciation for what Patti and her team of Volunteers do for us. The Committee Members & Volunteers of Carevan Wangaratta thank all involved in Inner Wheel for making it possible for us to continue providing our service of three meals a week to the community.

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