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06 Apr

After an afternoon of Netball with five divisions playing between Moyhu and Milawa, the ladies in attendance were invited to an Afternoon Tea to celebrate together their communities and the connection they share through sport.

The philosophy nurtured by the coaches, Sharlene Wohlers (Moyhu Netball Club) and Stacy Lamb (Miliawa Netball Club) was engraved on the winners cup. 

Connection, Friendship and Community

Sharlene said,  "I believe that sporting clubs provide ample social opportunities for individuals families and communities  and it is therefore important to make sure you have a really strong and positive culture, to ensure all people involved experience great relationships and a safe, warm and welcoming environment. Our netball clubs both pride themselves on maintaining strong values, such as respect, inclusion, honesty, professionalism, enjoyment and integrity.  Both clubs are family orientated and are driven by these key values. "

The afternoon was a display of this community spirit, of the connection through their love of Netball and it was evident the friendships that are strong bonds between young and older ones. All enjoyed beautiful food donated and presented in a party atmosphere of celebrating an afternoon together.

It was a privilage to attend and mingle with these ladies and an honour to be asked to draw the raffle's which created a wonderful fun filled atmosphere.

Thank you to all and for the kind donation to Carevan Wangaratta from money raised. Anyone in the community can help anyone else, because a strong community is fostered by like minded people reaching out to each other.

Connection, Friendship and Community

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