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29 Nov

On the 26th Nov, I had the privilege of meeting the amazing group of children at the Myrrhee Primary School. They have created a business, “Myrrhee Junior Entrepreneurs” and having amazing experiences running their business.

The children, as a project, created various ideas and finalised a project called “COUNTRY DRONE PHOTOS”. Having chosen their project, they have gone through the various steps of any business; creating business models, business plans, costing, sourcing viable resources and marketing ideas etc.

Having chosen to use a Drone to take photos of local rural properties, each child had to learn how to operate and fly the drone in order to receive a license of operation so that the project could go ahead. Funding for the purchase of the drone was a loan from the school, which the students have to pay back through the photos they are able to sell from the project.

This wasn’t just about the chance to get a drone. The children’s prime aim in any of their business ventures is to raise money for local charities. Any money made is divided 50/50 between paying back their business load and a charity. This year, these amazing children chose Carevan Wangaratta.

They put together a flyer and approached local farmers and vineyard with their proposal, having to explain and deal with the owners themselves as part of their learning new skills of business.

They have had many positive responses, especially from vineyard owners who know the cost of having aerial photos of their vines and establishments, especial the Cellar Doors and Restaurants is a costly enterprise for them. To have this done professionally, they require over $1,000 per photo.

As you will see from the brochure, the children are able to provide this at a substantially lower cost and so many wineries are taking the children up on the offer of aerial photographs, an amazing marketing tool at a fraction of the cost.

After visiting these children and discussing their ideas, this particular project and previous projects, I was left astonished at the maturity of all of the ages of children in this group. It was delightful to see them learning real life skills, more than I’ve seen in ‘normal’ public schools. The sense of community commitment and the need for teamwork, working through issues and attaining a goal they all set for themselves is inspirational.

I hope that many more properties and wineries in our North East region take advantage of obtaining cost effective advertising for themselves. However, more importantly, supporting a school of children that are little Entrepreneurs and Community spirited. Support them in their selfless efforts to give back to their community.

The children also donated some of their Breakfast Club supplies to Carevan Wangaratta. These children are learning real life skills.

Trudy Cornish

Marketing & Media Co-ordinator

Carevan Wangaratta

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