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12 Nov

SES Victoria Flood Storm Emergency Line - 132 500.

Floods and storms are common occurences in the Wangaratta municipality.  To prepare your home for storm make sure your gutters, spouting and downpipes are well maintained and clear of debris.  Trim and remove branches that overhang or are near your home and keep your yard and surrounds clear of rubbish and clutter. 

To prepare for flood make sure that you have an Emergency Plan and that you are aware of whether or not your home, farm or business is vulnerable to flooding.

Information on preparing your home, farm or business for flooding can be found here.

Information on whether or not your home, farm or business may be affected by flooding can be found at Planning Schemes Online.  

For assistance in understanding the application of these schemes please contact the Council Planning and Building Department on 03 5722 0888 

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