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30 Oct

Les and Rosemary Bolitho’s open garden 2023 has been another community success story. Carevan Wangaratta, with much gratitude, would like to thank Les and Rosemary for inviting us to participate again this year.

The community again enjoyed meandering through nearly 5 acres of immaculate gardens. The pond (I call it a lake, the biggest fish pond I’ve ever seen) is a place of reflection, rest, and relaxation. The community continually passed on comments of how restful and tranquil it was for them. All said they thoroughly enjoyed their time in the garden. There was a display by the Classic Car Club, a love for any motor enthusiast. Amazing metal sculptures by Sam Anderson were also placed around the garden to be admired.

Many partook of the wonderful Devonshire Tea (scones cooked by the scone queen, Jennefer Houghton) under shade before continuing their experience. Les had 2024 calendars printed for sale at $20 and many took advantage of taking home reminders of their day. Calendars are available by calling Les on 0418 574 463, a beautiful gift to pass on to loved ones.

Again, we thank Les and Rosemary for their community spirit in opening their garden to the public. Thank you to the wonderful Carevan volunteers that made themselves available. As always, without our volunteers, Carevan would not be able to provide any service to the community. We also thank The Chronicle for its continued support of Carevan. The Chronicle ran a wonderful story about Open Day on behalf of Carevan and Les and Rosemary.

The Wangaratta community again showed what a giving generous community we really are. Beautiful comments and donations were gratefully received. When the community cares, the community flourishes.

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