Trudy Cornish
Secretary; Marketing & Media Coordinator

I joined Wangaratta Carevan Inc. a few years ago as I felt drawn to give back to the community that has helped and given me a lot since moving to the area. 

It's a wonderful environment to have interact with people coming to enjoy healthy home cooked meals. Some have created social networks and friends, sharing meals every week. Its also wonderful meeting people travelling who drop in for a welcoming dinner. Listening to peoples stories is the most interesting and rewarding experience and a blessing to share.

I have also been the Marketing & Media Coordinator for a couple of years. I have experienced the generosity of local business', and various other groups, with their time and donations to help others in their community.

I have been the Secretary for a couple of years. It has allowed me to use skills I have undertaken my whole working life. Not working now, being one of the many on disability, this is so rewarding for me to know I can give back.

We operate fully independent of any Government or other funding reliance. If you’re considering making a real difference to your community then I really recommend you put your hand up to be a volunteer, it’s only an hours whenever suits you, and the results are invaluable.

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