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This is Wangaratta Podcast

You can now listen to 'This is Wangaratta' a podcast for residents, by residents celebrating all things Wangaratta ! 

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Kylie Patrick has created a podcast to highlight what is happening in Wangaratta, North East Victoria. Her first podcasts are dedicated to community groups servicing needs in Wangaratta and surrounding districts. 

Have a listen to her latest podcast highlighting Carevan and Loaves and Fishes.


This is Wangaratta Podcast Featuring Local Voices.
Published 28 Nov 2023 https://www.wangaratta.vic.gov.au/News-articles/This-is-Wangaratta-Podcast-Featuring-Local-Voices

Wangaratta has a new voice, and it's coming from the very residents who call it home. 

This is Wangaratta podcast is officially live, bringing the community together through storytelling, shared experiences, and an inclusive spirit.

A podcast by residents, for residents This is Wangaratta was launched in partnership with the Grit and Resilience Program by Kylie Patrick, the creator of This is Wangaratta. This podcast is more than just a series of audio episodes; it's a celebration of Wangaratta's unique charm, its people, and the countless stories that are waiting to be shared.

"We wanted to create a platform where the diverse voices of our community could come to life, Wangaratta has a rich tapestry of stories to tell, and we're excited to be the ones to share them with the world." Said Kylie Patrick, podcast creator.

Engaging with Wangaratta's community, the This is Wangaratta podcast isn't just about storytelling; it's about connecting. The team aims to engage residents in discussions, gather feedback, and encourage community involvement. Whether it's a heart-warming memory, a fascinating piece of local history, or a personal experience, the This is Wangaratta podcast is a platform for everyone to share their unique stories.

"We believe that the heart of any community is its people," Bek Nash-Webster from the Grit and Resilience Program adds, "this podcast is a testament to the resilience and grit that Wangaratta is known for. It's an opportunity to bring us closer together, even during challenging times.

"The podcast is available on major platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and more. 

You can also stay connected by following on social media @tiw_podcast or visit the website https://www.wangaratta.vic.gov.au/Residents/Grit-Resilience/This-Is-Wangaratta

Listeners can expect a range of topics, from interviews with local heroes to explorations of the town's cultural and historical gems. Join the journey, connect with the community, and explore the stories that define Wangaratta. Subscribe to This is Wangaratta today.

This podcast is made possible by the Grit and Resilience Program, a community initiative committed to celebrating and strengthening the resilience of Wangaratta's residents.

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