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01 JUNE 2021 - EDGE FM


Wangaratta Carevan will be in Apex Park tonight, handing out hot meals to those who need it most. 

Because of the lockdown, the volunteers at Carevan have prepared individual meal packs that people can come and take away. 

Spokesperson Trudy Cornish says there's been a big increase in locals who need their help. "We've become more aware of an increase in homeless numbers in Wang. People have lost jobs and there are no packages to help them, people are really struggling, especially those with families," Ms Cornish says.

" We saw it even with our own volunteers. It's insidious in some ways, because it's not always visible how much people have been impacted." They will continue to offer up their services every week from 6-7pm, at Bindell Avenue on Mondays and at Apex Park on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. 

Anyone facing any situation is welcome to come down for a meal, and anyone who is willing to volunteer for Carevan is also encouraged to get in touch." We would just be delighted to have people put their hand up," says Ms Cornish. 

"If somebody can only do one night every six months, that is still a huge help. The more we do for each other, the stronger our community is."

For more information, head to carevanwangaratta.org.au.

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