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25 November 2020 - Wangaratta Seniors Festival

If you haven't already heard, Wangaratta's Seniors Festival had a massive success with a knitting project. 

Our Community Care team gave out over 200 knitting and crochet packs to many of their seniors clients. Thanks to a Seniors Festival Program supported by the Victorian Seniors Festival. 

Now many of our knitters have started to return their crafts to the Wangaratta Library team, who will share these beautiful garments with local Charities such as the Carevan. 

Pictured below is Trudy Cornish from the Wangaratta Carevan, Jennifer Longman from our Community Care team and Annette Hanley from Wangaratta library. 

They are just a few of the many people involved in making this "gift that keeps giving" work.

One lovely knitter wrote on the cute yellow knitted car " I hope you love this toy as much as I loved making it"... #togetherwangcan #celebratingrcommunity #agedcare #VicSeniorsFestival #inthegrooveWangaratta Library Carevan Wangaratta Inc 

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